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Project setup

Install the necessary CLI tools:

cargo install -f cargo-make rorm-cli

  • cargo-make will be used to simplify the creation of the internal model representation.
  • rorm-cli is needed to create, manage and apply migrations files.

If you encounter problems with the CLI utilities, always check whether any of them are outdated by rebuilding with the above command.

Project initialization

cargo new my_new_project && cd my_new_project

Create a file named Makefile.toml.

It will be used by cargo-make. Here is the reference for cargo-make.

This is an example Makefile, which sets the needed feature flags to generate migrations.

The following commands are provided through this makefile:

  • Make migration files: cargo make make-migrations
  • Apply migrations to the database: cargo make migrate
  • Build the project normally: cargo make build
  • Run the project normally: cargo make run
command = "rm"
args = ["-f", ".models.json"]

command = "cargo"
args = ["run", "-r", "-F rorm-main"]
dependencies = ["cleanmodels"]

command = "rorm-cli"
args = ["make-migrations"]
dependencies = ["genmodels"]

command = "rorm-cli"
args = ["migrate"]

command = "cargo"
args = ["build", "--release"]

command = "cargo"
args = ["run", "--release"]